3 Good reasons to Eat More Raw Foods

The idea of eating RAW foods sounds foreign… even odd… to the majority of us whenever we first listen to it.

Initially when i first gone to live in La and heard about eating by doing this, the initial factor I envisioned was sushi and steak tartare (that we attempted once and thought was awful). Truly if somebody is speaking about raw foods, they are not speaking about these food types whatsoever.

What they are speaking about is live, nutritionally-dense, organic (whenever possible) minimally processed plant-based food. And not the “food-like products” that we have become familiar with grabbing on the run.

My twin toddlers and that i aren’t purists. We are what’s considered “high-raw,” meaning your diet consist predominately of raw, live foods.

Personally, I make an effort to feed myself and my sons 90% plant-based foods with 60-70% of individuals foods being raw. A substantial area of the other 30% is gently steamed or lightly sauteed.

There are many compelling causes of adding more raw foods for your diet. Listed here are 3:


When meals are cooked, its biochemical structure is altered from the original condition and as much as 90 % water soluble vitamins (b vitamins and C) and fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) could be lost.

When eating a large amount of the foods raw, you reap the entire dietary advantages of your foods and each cell, tissue and organ of the body benefits.


The normal American diet composed of mostly commercially processed refined “foods” is extremely acidic.

As well as an acidic is also an inflamed one. Inflammation plays a main role in cardiovascular disease-the main killer of american citizens.

Vegetables, vegetables, sprouts and a few low-sugar fruits all increase the alkalinity of the bloodstream, which makes it a lot more hard for illnesses like cancer to reproduce-therefore protecting you against cardiovascular disease and cancer… and much more serious-and life-threatening-illnesses.

There are the nutritive aspects of an eating plan full of unadulterated plant foods: the invaluable phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that further lower your chance of disease by adequately feeding your tissues and increasing your defense mechanisms.

3. INCREASE Levels Of Energy

The rise in energy is amazing.

I have fallen from the wagon several occasions within the last five years that I have been practicing a higher-raw lifestyle-and there is a massive difference in the manner Personally i think.

When my weight loss program is lower in raw foods, I am very lethargic. When it is at its greatest, I like an all natural energy.