5 things for enjoying the nightlife in Montreal!

From craft beers to after-hour clubs, Montreal is easily one of the best places in the world for pubbing and bar hopping. With the French influence and an incredibly happening crowd, this is where you can spend most nights out in the open, often hopping from known names like Mad Hatter Pub to some of the cheaper ones around the downtown area. Here’s what you can enjoy while staying in Montreal.

  1. Go for a craft beer tour. A bunch of services organize craft beer tours that can last for like three hours on an average. Try some of the artisanal beers here, and you will love the vibe that’s unlike what you would experience in other cities. Make sure to plan in advance and check the options available.
  2. After-hours clubs are fun too. By law, all clubs in Montreal are open till 3 am, but if you are still not ready to retire, you can check for the after-hours clubs, which are open between 3 am and 10 am. Please note that you cannot have alcohol at these clubs, as it is prohibited by law. Some of the best-rated clubs can be found here in Montreal, and you will love the house music.
  3. Evening events for the fun lover. For those who like to hop between clubs and bars based on events, there are many choices in Montreal. Most events are organized around the weekend, but you are likely to find one that’s offering some event on each of the weekdays. Most of the information can be found online.
  4. Go karaoke. Love karaoke? Well, Montreal has many options for that, as well. You will find options at Rue Crescent and rue Sainte-Catherine, with big rooms. These karaoke rooms can be hired for an hour, and if you are smart enough, you can save huge during happy hours.
  5. Go for the Dance clubs. If you are in mood for some dancing, you will find a good number of Dance clubs around the downtown area. Some of the best ones are located at rue Crescent, while you can check options at boulevard Saint-Laurent too.

The best way to experience nightlife in Montreal is to go by instinct. The downtown areas have really nice choices, and if you go by the flow, you can keep hopping, or else, just enjoy your bar time at one place with a game of billiards.