Chill Out with These Blender Recipes This Summer

Summers are often harsh in some parts and things that give instant relief from the intense heat is ice cold juices, smoothies, milkshakes or ice-creams. The problem here is that buying it from the market means wasting money on sub-quality products that are either loaded with preservatives or empty calories or both.

Making them at home is equally difficult as people don’t really have time in the midst of their hectic work schedules. In such a scenario, when we don’t want to buy from the market and we also don’t have time to go through the elaborate process of making it manually, kitchen blender is a saviour.

Using this versatile appliance, you can blend some healthy and fulfilling smoothies in virtually no time. As they are made fresh, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and the most important ingredient – fibre. These smoothies are good to have any time of the day as they are a complete meal in itself.

Here are few healthy and yummy blender recipes to try out this summer.

Mango Smoothie

Summer season is synonymous with mangoes. Take one cup mangoes and a half cup of chilled plain or almond milk. Blende both until it is smooth. Add some crushed ice for that extra coolness on a really hot day. Mango is rightly called the king of fruits as it overflows with vital nutrients and vitamins. In one cup mango, you get Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Folate, Potassium and Vitamin K.

Banana and Spinach Smoothie

Start your day on a healthy note with this extensive nutrition-packed smoothie. To make this quick smoothie, just put one banana along with one cup spinach and half cup chilled milk in your blender. Those who want extra sweetness can add honey to it or else the sweetness of banana is enough. This smoothie that is full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals provides all the necessary nourishment that is needed during the morning hours.

Go Veggie Way

Blend together some veggies like beetroot, Indian gooseberry, spinach and cucumber together along with some mint. This is an extremely nutritious drink that has negligible calories. Cucumber gives the cooling required to the body during summers. If you want, you can also add a fruit like watermelon to it to make it an ideal summer drink. One glass of this drink is enough to keep you cool throughout the day. And mind it, it is pure nutrients less the calories.

Fig Almond Milkshake

This is a tasty and healthy full meal smoothie. Take 8 almonds soaked and peeled, 2 dried figs (soaked), a spoon of oats, half a banana and a cup of chilled milk. Just toss everything together into the blender and pour yourself a glass of super delicious, nutrient-loaded meal.

There is no dearth of recipes when it comes to making juices and smoothies during summer. With a blender at your disposal, all it takes is few minutes to pour yourself a freshly prepared glass that oozes with vitamins and minerals every drop.