Duck Breast or Skin, Choice Is Yours, Try Knowing Its Best Points

Duck is a favorite food of many. Regardless of how it is prepared such as braised, roasted confitted legs, fried wings or grilled breasts, it is scrumptious.

Why simplicity?

The duck breast is delicious and requires no much dressing up. Of course it includes the aspects of health. Eating duck minus the skin means they are same as white meat turkey or chicken, lean. They contain per serving more iron than other poultry. Duck breasts are simple to cook and can be prepared within 15 to 20 minutes.

  How to prepare

Duck is often sauced with fruit; the humans realized long ago that fruit acid counterbalances the duck richness. A French cuisine employs bitter oranges. Duck with orange sauce may not be a recipe available readily everywhere and so to prepare this recipe add orange slices in the sauce. The white pith provides bitter edge. The Dijon mustard and sherry wine vinegar offset the orange juice sweetness.

Approximate weight

A whole duck breast is two halves and this can be enough for two to three people. However, each breast is 1 to 11/4 pounds. It is simple to cook and so even teenagers can learn it doing for the first time. The duck offers a tasty liquid while it rests when cooked and you can add sauce to this recipe or also pour on the sliced duck breast, in case you do not prepare a sauce.

It is up to you to decide if you wish to eat the duck skin or not. It is recommended cooking the duck breasts keeping the skin still such that it prevents breasts from drying and at the same time the flavour is retained. If you wish to avoid extra fat, before serving, remove the duck skin.  In duck, the fat is only in the skin and not in the meat of the duck.

Important point

By the way, here is a true fact that duck fat is similar to olive oil presenting a combo of poly and monounsaturated fats. There is some saturated fat in duck and it is flavourful. You may feel like removing the duck fat by scooping up as it gets generated while making this recipe and then store it for further use into the freezer. It will perk your potatoes, vegetables, etc in unimaginable ways.

Duck lovers may choose to eat and relish their choice and enjoy duck breast or skin.