Few Bare Facts About Pizza Delivery Man That You Must Know

Many of you in Minneapolis must have ordered for pizza and received your order delivered by their delivery person well on time.

However, most of you may not be aware about few facts regarding the person who is making pizza delivery in Minneapolis. Here in this post, we are providing few bare facts about their job.

  • Few areas pizza delivery person will refuse to deliver pizza

Certain areas of Minneapolis may not be too safe place to travel.

  • Your patience will be appreciated

To meet all the conditions of your order, little time is needed and you must have little patience.

  • Accidents can always happen to delivery man too

There can be every chance of accidents for delivery man that may delay your supply.

  • Pizza delivery is second job to many of them

Don’t be surprised if you find your school teacher is there to deliver your pizza.

  • Often, they may use their car and get extra payment

Yes, it is true.

  • They are aware that certain income group will tip better

Sooner or later they learn this fact.

  • Most probably they will not agree delivering across the street

Yes, and don’t get upset if they refuse.

  • Pizza delivery man cannot offer you any discount

Delivery man will ask for the payment what is printed on the receipt and cannot offer any discount.

  • It will be nice if you help them to find your house

It will help both you and delivery man.

  • They cannot wait for you for long

They have to deliver to many other customers too.

  • Any good tippers will always be remembered

It is quite natural.

  • They expect 10 to 15 per cent of the order as tip

Yes, and minimum $1 should be paid.

  • They remember the people who don’t tip

Yes, that is true.

  • The delivery person is a young kid

Usually, most of the teenagers are using it as a source of their pocket money.

  • Often, they had to deliver certain weird order

However, they will carry out the weird order too.

  • Often, they get weird instruction

Yes, this does happen.

  • They too often make mistake

Afterall they too are human.

  • Pizza tracker is controlled manually

Yes, it is manually updated.

  • Some people often expect extra work along with the delivery

Maybe some delivery man may oblige you but you must avoid asking for that.

  • They will appreciate minimum conversation

Since they have to deliver many other customers in time and hence, they will not like to engage in conversation.