Healthy and Nutritious Restaurant Dessert Options

Appetizers can derail your diet prior main course is served. Actually, food at restaurants are high in sodium and fat, which enhances food flavors but significantly decreases nutritional value. Same can be said about desserts.

Exotic looking desserts in many restaurants are loaded with sugar and calories, which needs to be avoided. However, there are some good and healthy dessert options to end meal with sweet note.

Baked desserts

Cookies, brownies, and cake slices are rich in calories and you may consume more fat than necessary for a day. Skipping this dessert is necessary but it can be avoided ordering baked desserts after eating the juicy lucy’s fargo at Crooked Pint in Minnesota.

Angel food cake topped with fruit and cream is healthy choice. It is low in calories and fat as well as supplies fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. For more nutritious option skip cream.

Frozen dessert

Replace ice-cream loaded with sugar and saturated fat with sorbet. It contains sugar, so opt for a small glass. Frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit is great nutritious option.

Other healthy options

Desserts that include fruits are healthy option. Fresh fruit will supply vitamin C and fiber. Top it with little whipped cream that offers reasonable number of calories and fat. Fruit smoothies are healthy option, which may not be on the menu.

You can order yogurt rather than ice cream. You can even choose flavored coffee or cappuccino at the end of your mean. They are sweet and carry less sugar and fat in comparison to many desserts.

Tips for dessert choice and portion size

  • Dessert portions at restaurants are quite large, so don’t consume the whole thing yourself. Share it with others in the group. In this way, you will satisfy your sweet tooth and avoid going overboard on sugar and saturated fat.
  • Prior visiting a chosen restaurant check the menu on their website. Seek out healthiest option in advance, so as to resist the temptation of looking at it after finishing the main course [decreases the possibility of ordering heavy dessert].
  • You can even skip dessert and come home to enjoy a fruit smoothie as sweet treat.
  • There are chances that your sweet craving may vanish as soon as you reach home or you can feel satisfied with honey drizzled on low-fat granola or plain low-fat yogurt.
  • Avoid tangy or citric desserts like lime sorbet with main course including tomato gravy-based curries. This can trigger gastric issues.
  • Bestselling desserts may not be an ideal choice, which can be a disappointment if you expected something exotic.