Interested In Craft Beer? Everything You Need To Know Is Here!

Like many others, you must have visited a brewery or pub that serves ‘craft beer’. So, what’s the fuss all about? We all know that craft beers is special, and in this post, we will talk about everything one must know about craft beer.

What exactly is craft beer?

According to Brewers Guild, breweries must be small, independent and traditional to produce what is known as craft beer. The same also states that a craft brewery shouldn’t sell/produce more than 6 million beer barrels in a given year. This also means that not all breweries follow the norm, and therefore, the definition doesn’t have to be exhaustive. A microbrewery, which is another term, makes less than 15,000 barrels per year, with most of the production sold outside. Nanobreweries are even smaller than microbreweries in terms of production size. You will also come across what is also known as a brewpub, which is basically a brewery that also works as a restaurant and serves more than 25% of production on site.

Understanding craft beer better!

Craft beer, in simple words, is made using the traditional brewing methods. Some of the add-ons like corn and rice are avoided in the production process, because these don’t really add anything to the taste of the beer, which is something that big brewers do to increase production. When you visit a brewpub, you are likely to find a bunch of choices, including options for varied interests. Most brewpubs also offer information on different types of beer being served, so you can always compare the options.

Other facts at a glance

Contrary to what many may believe, craft beer is not supposed to be extra strong. There’s no denying that each craft beer, especially the best ones, can have distinct and unique taste, but not all are meant to be strong. In fact, you are more likely to find craft beer that come with limited alcohol content, simply because these are meant to be enjoyed for the taste on a lazy evening. Some craft beers just taste better with food, while others are great for nibbling the starters.

Ordering craft beer

Thankfully, you can order beer online Fort Worth with many brewpubs and bars, and if you intend to try some of the craft beers on the menu, just do some initial research and find more on the brewery behind each product. It is also wise to the varieties of craft beers that are available in the market. For many, brewing beer is like art, and fans would travel a mile to taste one of their favorite craft beers. The good thing is the range of beers is only getting better, and with online ordering, you can get the fun home. Most of the best beer bars send their beer in growler or crowler, so you can choose to enjoy the same kind of taste as you would at the bar.

Interested in trying craft beers? Check near you to find brewpubs and stores that deliver beer at home.