5 Mild Indian Dishes You Can Try Right Now!

Contrary to popular belief, Indian cuisine is not just about hot and spicy curries. In fact, if you want a gastronomical experience like no other, there’s enough options in the category. In case you don’t like spicy food or have sensitive taste buds, we recommend that you consider some of the milder gravies straight out of Indian menu.

  • Chicken curry. Traditionally, there is a different chicken curry recipe in every state of India, but the standard one is not that spicy. Chicken curry includes a gravy that’s made of onions, ginger, garlic, tomato and a mix of spices, and it works pretty well with rice and Indian flatbread called Roti or Naan. When you order Indian food online, make sure that you ask them to tone down the spice content beforehand.
  • Butter chicken. Butter chicken is a silky, creamy gravy that contains tomato, onions, and cream. The curry doesn’t contain a lot of spices and is super mild with dollops of butter. You can have butter chicken with a Naan or even Rice, depending on what you prefer.

  • Mutton Korma. People often misunderstand the recipe of Korma, but in practice, the recipe is not spicy but does include spices that add to the flavor. Relying heavily on flavors of cardamom, Cinnamon and other spices, korma is made with love and includes cream and butter, which further tones down the hotness.
  • Saag paneer. Also called Palak Paneer, saag paneer is mild spinach gravy that includes homemade cottage cheese. You can also find chicken and mutton varieties of this recipe, but this is an extremely simple recipe that’s high on zest and low on price. If you consider the nutrition, it is healthy too.
  • Paneer Pasanda. This may feel similar to butter chicken in terms of taste, but typically, Pasanda includes some form of almond or coconut paste. With yoghurt and limited spices, this is one dish that you can never get bored of. Paneer Pasanda works wonders when combined with a nice flatbread.

Most Indian restaurants in the US will take notes from customers, so if your threshold of spicy food is limited, always mention that. Indian food works exceedingly well when combined with a dessert, so find something like Kheer or Kulfi. Before anyone points out, we would like to add that a Naan and Roti is not the same thing, and every Indian flatbread has its own flavor.