A Quick Overview to Choosing the Right Type of Linen for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Maybe you’re a restaurant owner looking to cash in big on a private party or wedding reception being held on your premises. Maybe you’re a hotel owner looking to capitalise on the huge influx of tourists which are sure to be passing through the area during the peak summer months and winter holidays. Or maybe you’re just someone looking for a particularly bespoke locale to take your beloved before you get down on one knee and pop the question.

Whoever you are and whatever your needs may be, chances are you’re not going to want a besotted table cloth or sweat-stained bedsheets fouling up your plans.

Amongst all the many maybes of life, the need for high-quality luxury linen is, indeed, an absolute certainty. Whether you own a restaurant or hotel or are looking to patronise one, the fact of the matter is that those services and so many of life’s best moments can be spoiled by soiled linen – and don’t have to be. It’s a new era for luxury linen, with fresh new companies offering bold new innovations in both cleaning and delivery services. Combine that with that classic sense of elegance evoked by the most delicate of serviettes and sumptuous bedsheets, and it isn’t hard to see why luxury linen is stitched into the very soul of the hotel and restaurant industries!

Bedroom Linen

If you own a hotel, few things are more important to your guests’ overall perception of your establishment than their bedroom, and one of the first things they are likely to notice about their room is, indeed, its linen. Everyone has had the experience (or, at least, the fear) of walking into a cheap hotel room and seeing yellow, sweat-stained, foul-smelling bedsheets lying crumpled on the bed.

That isn’t the kind of impression you want to make on your guests, which is why bespoke luxury linen bedsheets are both a boon and necessity for hotel owners everywhere. There are a variety of options from which to choose in terms of material, from easy-to-wash cotton to more luxurious satin and silk offerings and everything in between. Style-wise, you want your bedroom linen to complement the rest of your hotel bedroom décor while still standing out a little, which is why you’ll want to take advantage of offerings which feature softly-textured stripes and patterns to help give your bedroom linen that little extra something.

Bathroom Linen

If there’s one thing hotel guests care more about than the linen in the bedroom it’s the offerings in the bathroom. Absolutely no one wants to stay in a room where the bathroom is a reeking unclean mess – bathroom robes and towels included. As such, you’ll want to invest in bathroom linen which can be cleaned easily and regularly. Towels and robes are the two mainstays of bathroom linen, both of which need to be soft and, if possible, in keeping with your hotel’s overall colour scheme.

Restaurant and Kitchen Linen

In contrast to their hotel counterparts, there are a slightly different set of considerations which need to be employed by restaurants and kitchens when it comes to selecting their luxury linen. For one thing, restaurant linen obviously comes into contact with food, drink, and other various consumable substances on a more frequent basis and, as such, needs to be made from material which is both less easily stained and can hide stains more easily. As such, darker colours can sometimes be a pertinent aesthetic choice for serviettes, towels, and tablecloths, especially with respect to your restaurant’s décor. Restaurant linen can also be subject to a bit more daily wear and tear than their hotel counterparts, and as such tend towards the more durable side of the spectrum. As such, you’ll want to consult with a top restaurant and table linen rental company. They can help you select among a variety of fabric options, helping you choose linen which both matches the overall design ethos of your restaurant while still being hardy and easy to wash and maintain.

Uniform Options

Even more care and expert help is required when it comes to choosing uniform options for your restaurant staff. On the one hand, you naturally want linen which looks crisp, clean, and bespoke. On the other hand, since this is linen which is intended to be worn on a regular basis, comfort needs to be taken into consideration. Your employees won’t be particularly happy if they are stuck in the kitchen all day with uniforms which don’t breathe well, or are otherwise hot, scratchy, or uncomfortable. In addition, you’ll also want to once again consider colour with respect to these uniforms’ utilitarian purposes. White is the classic colour for restaurant chefs and staff. With that being said, stains naturally show up immediately on white, and can appear to linger longer. By contrast, black and darker reds are newer options which conceal stains far better. Another option to consider might be pairing or otherwise complementing your restaurant linen and uniform colours so as to create a more cohesive restaurant experience.

Washing and Delivery

Whether you’re the client providing the linen or the customer making use of them, you want to make sure they’re clean. The best linen rental companies thus offer quick and effective washing and delivery services. Their industrial grade washers and dryers can help get tough stains out and keep your linen and uniforms in pristine shape.

With that said, all of that work selecting and washing the perfect linen will be for naught if they aren’t on your hotel room beds or restaurant tables at the start of the day. Thankfully, the best linen delivery companies offer quick turnaround times with respect to their washing and delivery services. Simply call, place your order, and let them take care of the rest.

With all the many maybes and uncertainties which face hotel and restaurant owners on a daily basis, you want to take advantage of a sure thing when it presents itself, and few things are surer than the linen quality, washing and delivery times, and overall service that you can expect from the leading linen rental company in the UK!