A Steak Ordering Guide – How To Choose A Perfect Cut?

Choosing steaks is no easy job especially at steakhouses like Ribnreef that offer a rare variety of splendid dishes. The major questions that tussle up people while ordering streaks are:

  • Which streak do you want – boneless or bone-in?
  • How would you prefer the streak be cooked and served?
  • What steak cut would you like to have?

Confused? Well, that’s the reality of ordering steaks at upscale authentic restaurants. To help make the process simpler, read through the guide given below.

1) Make Your Choice

Making a choice whether you want a buttery and super tender steak or a juicy but less tender steak is necessary while ordering. It is safest to order fatty boneless steak cuts for a super soft bite and bone-in strips for a juicer flavor.

2) Choose The Type

Steaks are classified into 4 types depending upon the thickness, texture, fat content, and juiciness. Read through all the 4 types to identify which one do you want.

  • Filet Mignon Steaks – These boneless steak cuts are taken from short loin and sirloin muscles. They are fatty; hence, creamy, soft, and juicy. Besides, each steak has a grainy texture and maximum fat is concentrated on one side of the cut
  • Ribeye Steaks – bone-in as well boneless, they are cut for the upper rib cage muscles. They have a highly fatty outer surface and the inner layers have large fat patches throughout. When with bone, they deliver a natural taste
  • New York Strip Steaks – These are unique cuts, mostly served boneless, coming from the short loin muscles behind the ribcage of the cattle. Most of the fat in New York Steaks is concentrated on one edge. And the inner layers are marbled with comparatively little fat
  • Porterhouse Steaks – Also known as T-bone steaks due to their shape, these come from the short loin cross-section area. Whilst one side of the cut is tenderloin, the other is the New York Strip. Therefore, it’s juicy yet less tender at the same time

3) Choose The Cooking Method

The cooking method defines the taste as much as the cut precision. You can order the steaks broiled, grilled, roasted, and marinated. However, the extent of heating is necessary. It is of the following 5 types.

  • Rare Cooked – Grilled steak with a buttery cold core and a caramelized outer surface
  • Medium Rare Cooked – Cooked slightly longer than rare, this one can be identified by a crosshatch pattern on the top
  • Medium Cooked – The outer surface of the steak will be caramelized and the core will be warm and a wee bit less juicy than rare and medium rare
  • Medium Well Cooked – Almost similar to medium rare, these steaks have a core that’s warmer than medium cooked
  • Well Done – This cooking method will practically offer dry steaks, deprived of real marrow flavor