Bar Style Pizza Recipe

Pizza recipes can be different no matter what area of the world you’re in. If you’ve been seeking a brand-new way that you could try pizza, you may want to try the bar style recipe. Bar pizza or Tavern pizzas have been a popular style of pizza throughout New England. One of the most popular places to get one of these pizzas is the start Tavern in New Jersey. Bar pizza is rolled out in a thin crust but it gets tossed all the way to the very edge of the pizza dough. The overall thought for this recipe is that bar owners wanted to create a fairly light pizza that would also encourage plenty more drink sales.

Some of the popular ingredients on a bar style pizza included baked beans, onion and salami. Adding some of these distinct ingredients can definitely make for an usual pizza that is dominated by the salt of the salami for a great experience to go with a glass of cold beer.

Bar style pizza starts with spreading some olive oil over an aluminum pizza pan. Use a rolling pin to get the pizza dough that you have down to a consistency of 1/8 of an inch thick. Make sure to remove all of the air bubbles and place the pizza dough rate against the pan.

Add in the tomato sauce and ghost in and light but all the way to the edge of the pizza so that there’s no crust. Added in traditional toppings like onion, salami and baked beans and then bake the pizza for 7 min. at 550°F.

Adding a pizza pan stand for serving will give you the authentic bar experience with your home pizza recipe. This is a pizza that’s almost always enhanced by serving it with a cold glass of lager.

If you wanted to try another hotly contested pizza variety at home, bar style pizza is a fairly inexpensive recipe that’s also very tasty. You have got to give it a try if you want to try something new with pizza.

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