BBQ Dining Decoded: Experience The World Of Barbeque!

Talk to foodies around the world about their favorite foods in the world, and most of them will mention at least one BBQ-style recipe. Barbeque – called barbie in Australia and BBQ in the US and other parts of the world – is a style of cooking foods for a long time on charcoal or wood. BBQ is usually done outdoors, and while vegan and vegetarian dishes and recipes are popular, people usually associate barbeque with meats. From something like BBQ chicken to pork belly, beef ribs and more, every region has some specialty, and chefs have their own take on the recipes. If someone is heading to Kansas City, you can give them the Q39 gift card to enjoy the best of BBQ in town.

Before that, we take a look at what it takes to enjoy the best of barbeque dining.

Appreciating the style

Barbeque cooking has more to do than just charring or smoking the meat. Even the choice of wood or pellets can impact the flavor of the recipes, and it makes sense to select a restaurant that specializes in BBQ. Smoking, roasting and grilling the meats can mean different things, but the process is time-consuming, and the slow-cooking process actually infuses the flavors of the wood or charcoal in the meat. Some restaurants actually start cooking meats in the morning for serving guests in the evening, and the processes used for treating and marinating the meats before actual cooking can also take an insane amount of time.

What to try?

If you are visiting a restaurant for the first time for BBQ recipes only, we recommend that you start with something basic like grilled chicken or BBQ chicken wings. Chicken is usually everyone’s favorite, and you can try the flavors of the BBQ better. For those in fond of classics, beef ribs, short ribs, and pork belly are some of the options to consider. Keep in mind that veggies when cooked in the barbeque style taste incredible, so don’t underestimate the flavors. You can also consider classics like smoked sausages, salami, and foods that are made with barbeque food, like smoked chicken sandwich and burgers. Beef and pork take the flavors of BBQ sauce and traditional cooking to the next level, and it is a wise idea to check for options and try new things.

For the next weekend, spend the evenings indulging in BBQ specials with the family!