Canned vs. Dry Dog Food: Things you need to know

With numerous brands selling diverse varieties of dog food, how do you choose one for your pet? There are many things to consider, and the options can be many, but one of the common debates is related dry vs. canned/wet food. Before you start looking for options, here are a few pros and cons of both dry and wet dog food.

Pros and cons of wet pet food

Many dogs don’t really like sipping water. If your dog isn’t getting enough water as it should, you should consider wet or canned food, which offers good hydration. Wet food is also a better choice for senior pets, who cannot chew dry food in the same way as young dogs and puppies. There’s also no denying that wet food can taste better to some pets, and if your fur baby isn’t doing well, he will probably enjoy canned varieties more than dry food. Also, if your dog has any sort of jaw or teeth problem, wet food is surely a better choice.

On the flip side, dogs that are susceptible to dental problems may need more care, if they are fed wet food regularly. Also, wet food is expensive, because once opened, you cannot store it for long. If you have more than one dog at home, wet food might be a regular economical choice, given that the prices are high.

Pros and cons of dry food

Dry food is easy to find and super good in terms of economics. There are no hassles when it comes to storage, and if you are not around, you can keep your dog’s bowl filled with food at all times. Of course, dry food is way cheaper, and you can buy in bulk online or from local wholesalers for good discounts. Some brands make dry dog food with ingredients for better dental care, which is also great for puppies and aging dogs.

As for the cons, dry food is “dry”, so you need to ensure that your dog gets enough water. The amount of animal based proteins can be a little lower in dry food, which is something you should consider.

If you are looking for the best dry dog food, a good idea is to check online, where you will find detailed reviews and side-by-side comparison between different brands. Make sure to talk to your vet for possible concerns and need for supplements for better nutrition.