Control your Drinking Capacity to Stay Sober in a Party

Whether they are adults or youngsters, for everyone outing means to gather and have fun. This includes music, games food and drink. Those who are carefree prefer take alcohol to enjoy every moment with fun. Thousands of hit and run cases or accidents are reported due to drink and drive. This can be avoided if people know their capacity and control their emotions while drinking.

When people are drunk often it is seen that they start misbehaving. Some become hooligans while some throw up on the floor. Creating nuisance after being drunk is an embarrassment for not only the host but also for other guests. Also, the person who is overly drunk spoils his or her personal image. However, it is also difficult to control yourself when you see the entire group drinking and having fun.

Ft. Lauderdale in Florida is known for beaches, nightclubs, pubs, where all sorts of people including college students show up. Although there are strict laws to stop college students from drinking, but adults have no restrictions. From beach to downtown you will find seasonal lifestyle entire year which makes it an entertainment city. Apart from beaches you will find various bars in downtown fort lauterdale to let everyone cherish their life.

To avoid embarrassment after you get back to your senses, here are few things that you like to follow when you join a group for a drinking party –

  • When you join a boozing group, don’t compete with the person who drinks like a machine, but set your target and don’t exceed it. If you know that you get drunk after four drinks, then don’t go overboard.
  • Leave a gap between two drinks, either interrupt with a drink or water. If you drink continuously and at a fast rate, you wouldn’t know when it starts affecting and you lose your control.
  • Often you forget your capacity when you’re enjoying with your peers, but it is wise to keep track of your drinks and boldly say no to anyone who is offering you more. It might sound rude, but is far better than getting embarrassed later.
  • Instead of taking shots like tequila, take a whole glass of drink which will take time to finish and you will not get drunk quickly.
  • Water, soft drink and meal are your best friends in such gatherings. Thus, instead of always raising your hand for a drink, raise it for water and appetizers to keep your stomach full.

Enjoying a night with your friends and family is fun but apart from keeping track of your drinks there are other things to be managed as well. Keep track of money in your wallet, don’t drive that day, rather book a cab or request a friend to drive you home. Stay safe to enjoy another night with your friends.