Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Catered Hog Roast For Your Next Event

You’ve set the date. The guest list is finalized. You don’t want to be stressed over food, so you will have it catered. And you want people talking about your event long afterwards. A catered hog roast ticks all those boxes. Here are five reasons why a catered hog roast is the answer.

It is an EVENT

People love watching the process, and it serves as an icebreaker as well. The caterers have ample opportunities for showmanship as they roast, carve, and serve the hog. The hog roast can be as formal or as casual as you wish. Inform your caterer of the number of expected guests and a little bit about them. For example, will children be present? Is it for a group of former school mates?wedding-hog-roastwhat is the chemical formula of aluminum oxide

The chosen location can flexible

Hogs can be roasted indoors or outside. It can be set up at your home, in a field, or at a private venue. Give the caterers a description of the event’s location. If the event is outdoors, providing details such as roasting on grass or on pavement, and the availability of water and electricity are important. If the event will be indoors, issues such as floor protection and ventilation are important.

A hog roast for any time of year

Hog roasts are appropriate any time of the year, from Christmas to summer holidays. The time of year will influence your menu selections. Keep seasonality in mind as you work with your caterer. You may specify locally produced food. Plan side dishes which range from hearty to light. Potato salad, coleslaw, beans, and roasted vegetables can mingle with tossed greens and fresh fruit. pork-crackling

The menu options are endless

Caterers will prepare other options for vegetarians and for those who do not consume pork. Have a variety of sauces for your guests. BBQ sauces range from sweet, smoky, hot, and tangy. Asian style sauces include teriyaki, ginger peanut, and Thai sweet chili. Mole poblano, chimichurri, and Pico de Gallo would pair well with the roasted meat. Offer traditional selections such as mushroom, Dijon mustard, and plum sauce. You can get specialised hog roast menus for large scale parties, weddings and even corporate events.

It’s primal

Roasting meat over a flame takes us back to our roots. It is a reminder that our food comes from nature, not from a plastic wrapped tray in the grocery store. If the event includes children, this is an opportunity to educate them about our food system.