Glass Containers vs Plastic Containers


The packaging world has been experiencing some difficulties with individuals at a stalemate not knowing which the best is. On today’s piece, we will focus on which means of packaging is suitable and is best. Whether it’s plastic or glass, we are going to have a look at which means stands out above the rest and how efficient it is. So, read on and find out which method of packing is suitable and why.

Glass Packaging.

Glass containers are a suitable mode for packaging. Also, they are environment-friendly and can be recycled. However, glass is known to be a pain in the neck because of their volatile nature. When they fall glass have a higher probability of breaking compared to other means of packaging such as plastic. Also, glass has a more significant density making it a heavy in most cases compared to plastics. For these reasons, it’s only appropriate to conclude that glass is a suitable means of storing food. Ultimately, glass is not a suitable means of packaging food or stuff. This is because glass is less portable compared to plastic.

Plastic Packing.

When we look at plastic containers, then we have a glimpse of what convenience is. Furthermore, plastic bottles are a way portable, lightweight and can’t break when they fall. However, plastic packs are primary cancer when it comes to the environment. Also, plastic tins are nonbiodegradable making them a menace to society. As a result, the USA has registered a shocking 14million tonnes of plastic waste as of 2012. The shocking revelation is that only 14% of plastic dump has been recycled as of 2012. Reports from the Environmental Protection Agency also suggest that the number is rampantly growing on an annual rate.

Why Plastic.

  • Since this article is focused on packaging, then we suggest plastic as a means of packaging to the users. This is because plastic overshadows glass when it comes to packaging in multiple ways such as portability. Unlike glass, plastic can be carried for long distances and is way flexible. For this reason, manufacturers can easily customize the shape in different ways.
  • Also, plastic is suitable for extreme environment and can survive in both icy and warm climates. Therefore, products packed in plastic preserve their freshness and quality. Moreover, products that are in plastic tend to be free from oxygen, dust, moisture, light, and odours.
  • Lastly, plastic packaging is quite economical compared to the more expensive glass packaging. Plastic packaging is beneficial to small scale food providers. For that reason, we would like to recommend SystemPak, click here.

About SystemPak.
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Given the above, plastic packaging is quite a resourceful means of packing. Nonetheless, humans should be keen at the disposal of plastic packaging to enable companies to recycle more and reduce the weight of plastic on the environment.