How To Get A Caterer Liquor License In Florida? Check This Guide!

If you want to start a catering business in Florida for live and special events, you must consider getting your alcohol license. Most big events require caterers to serve alcohol, because that’s what guests expect and organizers need. After all, everyone has a reason to toast. In case you are wondering how to get a caterers liquor license in Florida, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

Find the Appropriate License Type

Florida issues different liquor licenses, so you need to determine what works for your needs and will serve your business right. Most caterers need what’s called the 13CT permit. This permit basically allows the caterer to serve and sell alcohol, but they must be also responsible for serving/preparing food at the event.

For the 13CT liquor license, the following must suffice –

  • More than 51% of revenue from the selected event should come from sale of food & nonalcoholic beverages.
  • Must have license from Division of Hotels and Restaurants
  • Should obtain alcoholic beverages from licensed retail vendors.

It should be noted that 13CT liquor license doesn’t allow caterers to save alcoholic beverages.

Get documents ready

Certain documents will be required by The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, such as Hotels and Restaurants approval, Right of Occupancy, Mitigation of moral character, SSN, and     Department of Revenue clearance. You have to ensure that all the documents are in place before going ahead with the application.

Complete application

To obtain liquor license, the form DBPR ABT-6011 must be completed. The documents must be attached and the application has to be delivered by hand. The form must be printed and cannot be submitted online at this time.

Make the payment

The permits have to be issued against a fee to be paid to The Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The free is $455.00 for a temporary license, while for a permanent license, the fee is $1820.

Expectedly, most entrepreneurs do get confused about the licensing process, but the good news is there are many licensing-brokerage firms that can help. These services can take care of the documentation process and ensure that your application is completed as per requirements. You can also prevent some of the common mistakes that may happen while filling the form, which can otherwise delay your license. Start your catering business at the earliest by applying for a license today.