How to Obtain a Florida Liquor License for Your Restaurant

Having a Florida Liquor License is a beneficial one but it isn’t available for every business owner. Do you want to sell beer and wine? You will require a consumption-on-premise license. Liquor licenses are a little bit different because, if you want to sell beer or wine, you will need a quota license that is based on the population of the state.

Having a Florida license is an incredible investment opportunity and it has strict rules and regulations for people trying to get a license.

The Florida liquor license will give access to sell the alcohol both for on and off premises. The prices of the license can vary and you have to choose the one from the various options. If you want to obtain the right type of liquor license, you have to know what you want to achieve with your business. A plan should be well-versed and easy to explain to your liquor license broker.

Important Things you have to Consider

You require a separate license for packaged sales when you allow alcohol consumption at your premise. A liquor license cannot be moved to another county since it depends on the current location’s population.

The price of a liquor license may vary. The cost involves the application fee and taxes which starts at only a few hundred dollars. You should always keep in mind that this will come with ordering your liquor on wholesale.

Want to get a beer and wine license? Here are a few options that are available for a Florida liquor license.

For beginners, you have to determine the type of business and also, whether or not you want to sell only beer and wine or beer, wine, and spirits.

You have to submit an application for obtaining a Florida liquor license. Getting a liquor license can be a tedious and hard one, especially selling the liquor for on-premise consumption.

You can directly apply for the license in the state of Florida and it’s only available to establishments that meet your statutory requirements like square footage, seating and so on.

Steps of obtaining liquor license in Florida

  • Choose the right type of liquor license based on your business needs
  • Determine if you need to buy a liquor license or get it from state government
  • Obtain a liquor license
  • Apply via the division of alcoholic beverage and tobacco
  • Search for a provider that will offer low cost of wholesales
  • Set your business plan and start to roll in

What will you do for applying for Florida Liquor License?

While applying for a liquor license in Florida, it has certain requirements to process your application quickly.

Here are the few things you’re likely required to submit:

  • Fingerprints
  • Information about yourself
  • Criminal records
  • Florida document registration number
  • Social Security Information for applicants
  • Company’s federal employer’s ID
  • Plan of your business space
  • Sales and tax registration with the Florida Revenue department

You have to submit all those documents and details for processing the liquor license application. After that, ensure that your application will be approved without asking any questions.

Once you get the Florida liquor license you can do anything that you want as long as it’s in the county. Now it’s time to start selling your alcohol.