Jaan: Get the best tomato dishes

Being a big hub for shoppers from all over the world, Singapore offers a range of restaurants to cater the needs of locals and tourists. Among the best restaurants in Singapore comes Jaan, run by chef Kirk Westway. He uses fine produce brought from the small producers from all over the world. The most attractive dish is “Westway’s Tomato Collection.”

First the tomatoes are slow-cooked in tomato broth. Then these tomatoes are stuffed using dices oxheart-tomatoes, capers, oregano, and gherkins. This mixture’s taste is very near to beef tartare. After some more process, tomatoes return to their original form and served using basil-and-mimolette, Japanese tomato-berries, cheese pesto, burrata, and basil sorbet. Visiting Treat will be the best way to get more knowledge about the restaurant.