Make Sure That You Look Great In the Kitchen

While working in the kitchen of a busy restaurant can mean that you will get messy, splattered with food, and hot and sweaty, it is still important that you go out of your way to make sure that you look as nice as possible. It is easy to think that since you are hidden in a kitchen, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into your appearance, but that isn’t true. To make sure that you look great in the kitchen so that you don’t have to worry about what your diners will think of you if you come out to great them after a particularly successful meal, you need to make sure that you have put an effort into your appearance.

Watch Your Hair

No matter how great your hair looks, you need to make sure that it is kept back and out of the way when you are at work. There are few things worse for a chef than having a diner discover one of your hairs in their food. Not only will wearing a hairnet help to prevent this, but you should also wear a chef’s hat. Known as a “toque blanche” or “white hat,” this traditional hat may be typical of a chef, but it will show your diners your passion.

Choose Your Clothes Wisely

To really show off your experience and expertise in the kitchen, you will want to opt for quality chef whites over other types of clothes. Not only will you look crisp and clean at the start of ever shift, but being able to keep splatters of food off of your jacket will show your skill and experience. This is a great way to really set yourself apart from others in the kitchen, while still creating a cohesive appearance.

Be Picky About Your Shoes

When it comes to choosing the right shoes that can handle long shifts in the kitchen, you will want to make sure that you choose function over appearance. While you want to look your best, the right shoes will ensure that you do not slip while you are at work. This is a major hazard for anyone who works in a busy kitchen, which is why you want to choose shoes that can easily navigate slippery surfaces.

The right clothes for a chef do much more than simply complete the look and make you look like you belong in the kitchen. They are a great way to ensure that you are safe and that you are respected, not only by the rest of your staff, but also any diners with whom you have contact. Choosing the right hair protection, clothing, and shoes will ensure that you look the part for your career and are prepared for a long shift at work.