Make Your Restaurant Patio More Pleasant for Guests

The restaurant business is really the customer service business. One bad experience for a customer and he or she might never come back to your restaurant. With so much at stake, the pressure to create the perfect dining experience for each customer might feel immense. While you might feel the pressure, your staff might not be so concerned. Not everyone has the passion for the restaurant business and your employees can only do so much to craft the perfect experience. And, some customers will be unsatisfied no matter what.\

Most customers hate sitting in the patio area. They like being inside the restaurant. Why is this? There are a few reasons why patios are generally automatically less comfortable than dining rooms in restaurants. First, there are almost never booths located in the patio area. Second, there could be bugs, dust, and other external elements that could irritate the guests. Third, it’s much harder to control the temperature in an outdoor environment. So you might be reluctant to seat guests in the patio, knowing that it’s the weakest area in your restaurant.

Well, if you’re willing to invest some money and put in the effort, there are ways to turn your patio into a more pleasant place for guests. With so much riding on each customer’s experience, sometimes it makes sense to optimise all of the dining areas in your restaurant, including the patio.

Create Shade to Keep the Sun Away

There’s nothing more frustrating for dining guests than being blinded by the sun. That’s why so many guests hate sitting in the patio area. Outdoor awnings are a great way to combat the sunlight in the late afternoon and keep your guests from getting overheated or becoming irritated by sunlight. Awnings are affordable and come in many different style and design options so you can definitely hire a company to make you a custom awning that fits with the theme of your restaurant.

Get Some Space Heaters

Guests need comfortable temperatures in order to enjoy their dining experiences. With the addition of an awning, you should consider installing some space heaters as well. Heaters are great for cold winter nights when the inside of your restaurant is packed and you need extra seating in the patio area. There are several different types of heaters to choose from including freestanding space heaters and hanging heaters.

Install Screens

If your restaurant is located in an infested area, guests will be reluctant to eat outside because of the pests. Most people don’t like bugs and no one likes having to swat at gnats and other flying bugs while he or she is trying to enjoy his or her meal.

One way to eliminate the possibility of letting pests into the patio area is to install some screens. Screens help keep pests away but also offer a slight amount of shade and protection from dust and other contaminants.

The patio is never the perfect place to eat. But, with some investment on your part and a willingness to implement new solutions, you might be able to make your patio a more pleasant place for guests to enjoy their food.