Micheladas: Ensure you are Getting the Right Mix

Many people in the world may not be aware of the existence of the Michelada. However, tipplers usually talk about this classic beer cocktail from Mexico. This Mexican drink spices sup the regular beer. But, this beverage is more than just beer and lime. In fact, it packs a unique punch, unlike other cocktails.  While some people try to make their Micheladas, others opt to buy Michelada mix in 12 packs or 6 packs and make it at home.

What’s with the Michelada

Anyone can make a Michelada. And you want to try it yourself, you just need to salt-rim a cold beer much and fill it with chilled beer, special michelada mix, and lime juice. Michelada has a spice mix that makes it special compared t

o other cocktails. The mix includes dehydrated lime zest and chilis. A lot of brands produce their own prepackaged Michelada mix that usually contains a mix of spices they won’t share with anyone. Michelada recipes may vary in various parts of Mexico; however, a punch and kick of the drink stay in place.

Choosing your Michelada

People in Mexico drink Michelada throughout the year, although the drink is more popular in the summer. Any Mexican menu will always include this beverage.

If you are buying the Michelada mix, make sure you know what you are getting. A lot of companies sell michelada mixes and special spice blends; however, not all are the same. This beer cocktail is meant to have the punch through the chilis and enough tangerines due to the lime. When making the drink, make sure it does not cheat on the taste of beer. Although you can use any beer for making a michelada, you may want to use strong beers with stronger spicy notes. Also, use a chilled beer mug or glass when making your drink.

Purchasing Michelada Mixes

A lot of online stores sell Michelada mixes at good prices. Before you purchase one, make sure to check the directions ahead of time. Keep in mind that the amount of michelada mix required for every drink depends on the spice blend. Also, make sure to use a famous beer brand and serve the drink chilled.

Restaurants and bars are redefining Micheladas, offering versions for a variety of menus and palates. Also, if you go to a Mexican grocery store, you may find a small bottle of a mix to make Michalaras that is basically a flavored sauce. However, there is something about fresh lime that adds zest to the michelada.