Pizza – Can This Be A Healthy Food?

Every element of pizza – crust, toppings, sauce and cheese can be unhealthy. This is not the typical situation today. Many pizza parlors today offer this delectable food in a different way – using organic ingredients only. Thus, every slice of organic pizza becomes healthy food choices.

A lot of us think that pizza is extremely unhealthy food since it contains things that can also add weight towards the consumer. A slice of pizza has numerous calories, based on its toppings and crust. This connotation can change knowing how the building of pizza have been modified by a lot of who advocate using healthy and organic ingredients.

You might believe that you can’t depend on pizza delivery which the healthy kind are only able to be produced available whenever you create yourself to it. But you’re wrong because today, many pizza stores had began for everyone purely organic pizza. The building of a proper pizza means while using right ingredients, all organic and natural.

Let’s check out the various fundamental ingredients in the building of a pizza.


You can even examine the dough which really may be the crust. You could have gluten-free dough. Lots of people find its taste horrible however, your palate may change for this taste before you get accustomed to it. The gluten-free pizza may either be soft or crispy you could have it thin or thick. Good pizza stores find the correct balance between crispiness and chewiness to generate a flavorful and good crust. This good recipe for crust blends together various kinds of flour. Tapioca flour, brown grain flour and sorghum flour, all organic and gluten-free varieties, may be used. Some ingredients like brown sugar, ocean salt and essential olive oil can be included to add flavor towards the crust. Based upon your decision, you’ll have a thin or perhaps a thick crust. You may also have choices for the form, round or square.


The sauce is yet another important a part of a pizza. Organic ingredients can be bought from farmer’s markets. This is often made from fresh tomato plants infused with fresh herbs and garlic clove. Then these components are pureed inside a mixer. There are various textures of sauce with diced tomato plants, it’s really a tiny bit chunky. You are able to choose a spicy or sweeter flavor and also to increase the health advantages, this is made from lower levels of sugar and sodium.


There’s an array of selections for toppings. Making it ultra healthy, you may choose organic vegetables for example broccoli or cauliflower florets, mushroom, sweet bell pepper and much more additional options. You could have some low-sodium organic pork, bologna yet others meat toppings. Meat may also be organic now making this the type that’s put into the toppings.