Sumptuous Sydney: Eat Your Way to the Pier

With the advent of cooking shows and celebrity chef cook-offs, more and more people have become self-confessed foodies. That’s why visiting popular restaurants have become a pastime for many individuals. When your travel to or live in Australia, it is a must to seek out a number of Sydney best restaurants.

As an avid gourmand, you will surely be on the lookout for establishments that allow you to exercise your refined palate with international as well as local dishes. You can do this and more at several Sydney best restaurants.

Eating from the Heart

Whether you’re planning a date, a business affair or an intimate wedding, Sydney certainly has a wide array of dining options to choose from. You can even opt for one of the Sydney best restaurants for your special occasion.

One of the idyllic settings in the locale is no other than SydneyHarbor. A worthy establishment in this popular Sydney area that can cater to your gourmet needs is Pier One. With its well-appointed hotel located right on the pier, it is a suitable place to hold your event. Imagine hosting a wedding reception with stunning views of the harbor or having a first date with a view of the sun setting. It will surely make for a lasting and romantic impression.

Apart from its unparalleled beauty, the premises also offer a number of dining options. Those who want a refined experience can partake of the fine dining offerings at The Gantry Restaurant. There, foodies can sit back and enjoy a leisurely paced dining experience. Exceptionally plated dishes will certainly draw oohs and aahs, and even more words of praise will be uttered once the courses are sampled and savored. For weddings, the delectable fare will undoubtedly add warmth and reverie to the already festive occasion.

Another well-appointed restaurant is The Kerrigan. Offering a more casual vibe, this eatery specializes in grilled and smoked fare. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxed night out with a special someone, bonding with beloved family or for that much-awaited reunion with your mates. You can sit back and take in the wonderful scenery. Nothing can be more scenic than seeing boats meandering their way along the harbor as you sample the grilled dishes on offer.

Choose Sydney as the venue for your special trip or event. There you can have the best of both worlds – top international cuisine as well as resplendently beautiful surroundings. Surely you can’t ask for anything more.