The perfect bread making machine

There are some Oster bread making machines available in the market with their own advantages and disadvantages. There is a variety of these machines in the market today and depends on what kind of machine you would like. In other words, there is a bread maker for everyone. Your choice will most likely depend on your style and feature preference.

One of the popular bread making machines available for the consumer is the Oster bread machine. It has grown in popularity because of its ability to make gluten-free bread and is affordable to the average buyer. There are features that make it unique and hence preferred by some consumers making it one of the most sought-after bread making machine in the market today.

A good view

This machine enables the baker to follow on the process of making bread. This is made possible through a viewing window put in place in its design where one can check on the progress. This, of course, comes in handy when you want to make last-minute changes to the process or when you want to halt it altogether if it is not going as planned.

Delay Timer

This comes in handy if you want to come home to freshly baked bread after long and hard day’s work or want to wake up and the smell of fresh bread is what welcomes you to a new day. Having a delay timer means you can set the time at which you want the bread making to start. All you do is load up the ingredients set the timer, and it is ready to go at that particular time. It has a delay duration of 13 hours which is quite impressive.

Express Bake Mode

It is one of the many features of this machine that makes it easier for the consumer. To answer the question on how the Express Bake mode operates, I will use an example. Say you are in a hurry and you would like freshly baked bread as part of your breakfast, probably forgot to set the timer the previous day, and all you have is an hour or so. No need to worry, just load the ingredients, press the button and you will have bread in an hour, and it will not be half-baked.

Good quality bread

The Oster is known for its high-quality bread. It prevents the baked bread from getting soggy. Bread is considered soggy if it is wet or lacks the recommended texture. It can sometimes be flavourless or tasteless and ruin your day. The good news is, this bread machine is capable of preventing the soggy bread from happening. For up to 60 minutes, the machine circulates hot air through the baking chamber at the end of the baking cycle.

100% whole wheat flour

There are not many Oster bread makers available that can handle dough that exclusively use whole wheat flour. Whole wheat, as the name suggests is not a mixture of wheat and other white flours, it is indeed 100% whole wheat. It offers a fresh new approach to baking, and you will love its distinct taste and unique color.