Why Chicken Is Considered A Healthy Meat Option?

There are number of good reasons, why chicken has become one of the most popular meat options. Chicken is served in most of the parties in the form of pie, nuggets, fingers, wings, soups and sandwiches etc. Chicken is such a versatile item that you can prepare as many items from it as you can think of. As compared to other types of meats, chicken is considered to be a healthier option. It is lean meat and has less saturated fat as compared to red meat.

Let us look at few health benefits of chicken in the subsequent paragraphs –

  • Good source of protein

If you are a meat eater then chicken can be a good option to get lean and low-fat source of protein. This kind of protein is very much suitable for both growth and development of muscles in our body.

  • Anti-depressant

There are plenty of amino acid tryptophan found in chicken wings in Blaine that can help in increasing the level of serotonin in our brain so that you can get a comfortable feeling. Taking a big bowl of chicken soup will boost your mood.

  • Bone strength

For senior citizens who are often suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis can get immense benefit by eating chicken as it can help promote our bone health.

  • Heart health

With consumption of chicken our homocysteine levels are suppressed and maintained properly that are amino acids which causes cardiovascular diseases.

  • Phosphorus

A very essential mineral called phosphorous is present in chicken that can support our bones, teeth, liver, kidney and nervous system functions of our body.

  • Selenium

Very rich amount of this mineral is present in chicken. Selenium is involved with metabolic performances like hormone, thyroid, metabolism as well as our immune functions.

  • Niacin

There are plenty of niacin present in chicken which is a B-vitamin that can fight against cancer and other DNA destroying diseases.

Besides having all these health benefits because of its tasty flavour, versatility and various health benefits, chicken has become a very popular food item in most parts of the world and people in America consume more amount of chicken than any other part of the world. As per the data available with us, in the year 2015, about 90 pounds per capita of chicken consumption took place only in America. As per the projection of 2016, Americans are likely to consume 91.8 pounds of chicken meat per capita.

These days chicken can be found on the menu list in every restaurant, parties and functions and there are number of tasty items prepared by using chicken meat. Whether you visit any Italian restaurant or Chinese, French or Latin restaurant, you will find that there are few exclusive dishes available with chicken as a source of meat. Therefore, if you like to eat chicken then you will not starve whichever country you may decide to visit. You will surely get some delicious or nutritious dishes to eat where chicken has been used.