Why Obsolete Kitchen Equipment Is Causing Losses For Your Business

In a restaurant, café or any food & beverage outlet, commercial kitchen equipment provides the means for your professional chefs to serve food both quickly and precisely. They ensure that your chefs are not bogged down with tedious tasks or constrained by the cooking capacity of household appliances. As such, your chefs are freed up to observe and monitor the quality of the food.

Industrial kitchen equipment are built to last; being able to operate under stressful conditions for long periods of time. However, over time they too experience wear and tear, leading to reduced efficiency and potentially malfunctioning. Simultaneously, newer technology emerges each day, making your current appliances relatively more obsolete. For many business owners, it is tempting to retain the status quo and to make do with current facilities in order to contain costs. However, in our experience, this ends up costing the business more. How so? In this article we explain the troubles and hidden costs of resisting a renewal of commercial kitchen appliances.

For starters, obsolete kitchen equipment is defined as equipment which production has being halted and is no longer actively supported by their manufacturers. Essentially, they have turned into relics in your food and beverage business. This naturally means a complete lack of first party or original manufacturer support. Beyond the lost of warranties, you would also have lost access to customer hotline service. Therefore, any technical issues that your appliances encounter will have be resolved completely on your own end and with your own expenses.

Secondly, closely related to the first point is that since the original manufacturers no longer support your industrial kitchen appliance, they are unlikely to carry any spare parts. Without easy to access spare parts, you may encounter a scenario whereby your appliance breaks down with no quick fix in sight. Consequently, it would negatively affect the operations and potentially the offerings of your kitchen depending on the importance of the appliance. With this mind, you can conclude that obsolete equipment is never viable in the long run.

Thirdly, following the stoppage of original manufacturer support and the lost of access to their spare parts, any replacement components for your professional kitchen equipment will come at an inflated cost. This is due to basic demand and supply mechanics whereby the drop in supply will cause a price hike. Moreover, even if you were able to attain spare parts at a decent price, their condition may be less than desirable depending on their storage conditions.

Obsolete industrial kitchen appliances bear many hidden costs for businesses that owners may not realise till it is too late. To save in the short run would lead to more costs in the future.